I’ve been working with the lovely people at Aurora Suspended Fires for some time now, first on a “help, save my site” job after the original developers caused some issues, and more recently when it was decided that it was more efficient and practical to essentially start over. Unfortunately, this does sometimes happen and even though it can be painful, it is worth the effort if you take a long term view of how you want your site to develop.

For Aurora, there were several pieces of functionality that were required – the option for customers to visualise their fire before purchase, being able to get a quote for your fireplace, and for that quote to then feed through to the online store. All of these required special customisations and we are currently in the process of rolling out the full online store – which is different in that there only a few products which are large, produced by hand, and ship throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe (think shipping variations!!). And is often the case, in-house processes and procedures were fine-tuned to enable a streamlined approach in the online store. This site refresh/redo wasn’t without its challenges but it has been a great project to work on and we’re all happy with the end result.

Aurora Suspended Fires are the most beautiful fireplaces (I’m not biased!!) and they’re made locally, just up the road in the Byron hinterland. The site is a deceptively simple black and white design with product shots really showcasing these beautiful handmade fires (and some of the amazing houses they’ve been installed in). Design and photography was done by All Things Visual and I turned their designs into a fully functioning website, a process I really enjoy especially because it helps me see the websites I produce for clients in a fresh way and of course do some significant problem-solving and learning of new skills along the way!

Site released: 3 January 2017

Visit the site: aurorasuspendedfires.com