Stephen from Bristax got in touch with me early this year about his website. He’s done an awesome job of building the site himself, but realised that at some point he really needed to focus on what he is expert in – Tax / Accounting / Superannuation – and stop spending so much time tweaking his site! It was in pretty good shape, and I’ve been working with him on reducing the page by page customisations (and getting some standard styling happening),  polishing up all pages so they do the job he needs them to do, making sure images and pages have appropriate titles and descriptions etc! We’ve been working remotely (he is located in Brisbane with offices in Sydney and Melbourne as well) and aside from forgetting about the daylight saving time difference it’s worked well.

I started with a site audit, then went through my suggestions with Stephen prior to commencing work. This can be a cost-effective solution to building a new website, or giving an existing site a refresh – you control the budget and work can be done progressively. This is a service I have been expanding over the last few months.

Visit the site: