I’ve been absent, but in a good way!

Busy working on many and varied projects, I stopped doing my usual post when I ‘released’ a new client website. And partly because of that I’ve not been blogging at all. My bad! The reality is that while blogging comes more naturally to some of us than others, you do still have to devote at least an hour or two to getting the words written, finding the perfect image, and making sure there’s no typos.

I recently did a presentation for a local networking group about website security, and the easiest way to get the info out for future reference was to do a blog post. I realised afterwards that post was sent out to everyone on my list. Ooops. Lesson here is that when blogging you need to take extra care, and not hit the publish button before you’re ready! Not that any of it was secret business, but it had been tailored for a specific group on some questions that many people had asked me about issues to do with website management.

  • What do you do if … your website has been hacked?
  • What do you do if … someone buys “your” domain name?
  • What do you do it … the guy who did your website disappears and you don’t have any passwords?
  • What do you do if … you just don’t know what to do with your website?

plans-12I was surprised at how many people had one (or more) of these things happen to them. Over the last six months or so, I’ve rescued several domains and websites for (now new) clients – a much higher number than usual for this kind of work. Certainly a lesson for us all that we really do need to keep track of small but incredibly important details. If you’re interested, you can read the full post here.

So after that, I realised that I should be blogging again and refreshing communications with my readers … and that is what I have now scheduled time to do.

It’s a good weekend to do some of that admin/maintenance/catching up that we all seem to put off. Here in the north of NSW, we’ve experienced some pretty extreme rain over the last day or two, and parts of Lismore are flooded (I’m on higher land not far from the Lismore CBD thank goodness!). Today though, the weather is beautiful … mother nature can be impressive to say the least! You can see some images and video footage here and here.

Looking forward to reconnecting. Talk again soon!