Start a new website or whip the one you’ve got into shape, and how to decide if social media really is the perfect match for your business.

Having a professional, comprehensive website is important for pretty much every new business. But getting started can seem intimidating for those who have never had their own website before. Below are tips for building your first business website.

  1. Do your research and have a plan …
  2. Write your own content and make it as easy to read as possible. Spell check and grammar check.
  3. State your purpose clearly and tell customers what you can do for them
  4. Use good calls to action – make it easy for people to order or buy
  5. Own your domain
  6. Consider scale and future growth – WordPress, Wix, Weebly and choose a platform that will grow with you (and not limit your ability to customise or add new features
  7. Pre-made themes vs free themes
  8. Add a face and tell your story
  9. Set up easy contact methods – contact forms, phone numbers and social media
  10. Keep design elements simple
  11. Add good images (avoid the cheap stuff) and don’t just Google images and use them without permission. If you use customers (real people) make sure you have permission
  12. Include customer testimonials
  13. Add video if it’s relevant
  14. Be mobile friendly
  15. Research SEO and be search engine friendly but don’t stress about it. Find out what keywords your customers may be searching on ask your family and friends or use a a tool like
  16. Focus on your customer and their needs

Social Media – do you need it?

Landing Pages – do you need them?

The main reason would be a targeted promotion or product specific landing page which is focused on a single objective.