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Ezi-Make™  (Making the bed just got easy!) is a new product, invented by a local business owner – David Martin, who also owns a bricks and mortar store (InStyle Sleep Centre) here in Lismore.

I’ve been doing more one-page landing sites for clients lately, and they are challenging! There’s not always a lot of content, often only a few images and video and possibly some testimonials. In this case, I did have all those elements to work with, but crafting what you need to say in a few words can take as much time and care as writing a “full” page, and every word has to be chosen with care if your site is going to be found.

This site was particularly challenging because the product itself is brand new, and there isn’t anything else like it on the market. It needed to be minimal, clean, responsive, with strong colour choices, and above all, explain what the product is in a clear way!

WordPressPaypal generated buttons for the ‘store’, YouTube hosted video, plus a customised theme – in this case Divi by Elegant Themes, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine!

Site released: 19 March 2014

Visit the site: ezi-make.com

Ezi-Make full page