Update February 2015: Unfortunately, this business is no longer operating and the website is, therefore, unavailable.

TNT Personal Training

I had a call last week from John White from  TNT Personal Training (tntpt.com.au) – a brand new small business on the Gold Coast – who had put together a site using one of the many “build a website for free” platforms (and no, I’m not going to say which one!) only to discover at the very end of the process that he couldn’t use his “.au” domain with the site. It was a bit of a problem because he had a meeting the next day to meet some prospective clients, had business cards and brochures printed (including the web address), and wasn’t in a position to buy another domain and redirect it.


So, from a standing start  at lunchtime last Tuesday, I organised hosting, put a holding page up and organised John’s email, while I put together a new site. It took around 12 hours. The site is a one-pager and the good thing here was that all content had been written, images had been sourced, and the colour scheme chosen.  A lot of the setup for a website – large or small – is the same, so there are few economies of scale on a one-page site and in fact they can be more challenging than a website with many pages.

There is more work to be done over the coming weeks, but the site was done in time for John’s meeting, it works, and sets a solid framework for future expansion! I’ve used WordPress, and the site is based on Divi – a highly customisable fabulous drag and drop site/page builder that will make it easy for John to manage his site, and expand it when he’s ready.

Lesson: check to make sure you can use the domain you’ve bought if you are using a “free” website builder – free isn’t always free, and checking first will save you a lot of angst!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer on the Gold Coast, you should head on over and take a look at the site and get in touch!

Site released: 21 January 2014

Visit the site: tntpt.com.au

TNT Personal Training