LEXSA – the SCU Lismore and External Student Association – is a new client, already using WordPress, but needed a refresh of their website for the new academic year.

They did have two other sites that had been created previously, and imagery and content from those sites needed to be incorporated into the “new” site. A revamp of their ‘badge’ (the phoenix), a reorganisation of content, and creation of artwork was also needed along with some SEO work, a WordPress dashboard tidy up, and installation of some security, anti-spam, and contact form plugins. Along the way, we also discovered a long forgotten YouTube channel that will be refreshed. LEXA’s Facebook page will be used as a primary communication channel, with the feed being incorporated on the website much more prominently than previously.

All in all, it was a reasonably straightforward update.

Next steps include a ‘members’ site to help manage member details and payments.

Site released: 9 February 2014

Visit the site: lexsa.com.au



The 2013 version

LEXSA 2013

And the 2012 version

LEXSA 2012