Living Communities is a resource site designed to raise the awareness for individuals and communities to the issues of suicide.

Matthew, the site owner, is a new client, and he wanted to be able to manage the site, and update information in a straight-forward way. The original site was created using Xara, and it was more challenging to update information and in particular, forms. The long term decision was made to to transfer the site to WordPress to allow easier page updates,  add new courses easily, and to also add capacity for such things as online booking and payment for courses. A blog is also in the works.

Some design elements from the original site were retained, as was most of the content. A more responsive template, anti-spam, security, SEO and Jetpack were added. Plugins will be added as required, and whilst Adobe Forms is currently used for online bookings, this may change as the site develops.

Facebook is also being used as a communication channel, and ‘likes’  have grown from around 50 a month ago, to nearly 400 today.

Site released: 4 March 2014

Visit the site:

Living Communities 2014



The original site 2013

Living Communities website 2013