This was an unusual request for me – transferring a website from its original Joomla iteration to WordPress for NCA Consulting.

Although I have some limited experience with Joomla, I’d never had to transfer a site before and I was pleased (and relieved) to find it was a relatively straightforward process,

The challenge for me was more about making sure the site retained its original design – Joomla modules are a little different from WordPress plugins but ultimately, there is minimal difference between the original and new sites. As well as the platform transfer, new hosting was needed – specifically Australian based – and aside from a few hiccups with transferring email services (always triple check everything!), it was a smooth transition with no disruption to website availability.

As well as the installation of WordPress, plugins for security (Wordfence), anti-spam (Antispam Bee) and others including Jetpack and Yoast SEO were installed. For the template, I created a customised version of ‘Twenty Twelve‘. And of course, before all of this happened, an archive and backup of the original site were done for reference although all content, images and video remained unchanged.

And in one of those odd twists that sometimes happen, the NCA Consulting videos were produced by another client of mine, Little Mate Productions, and some were filmed at a former colleague’s hangar – a very small world!

Released: 18 December 2013

Visit the site: NCA Consulting

This is the WordPress version of the site

NCA Consulting (WordPress version)

And this is the original Joomla version.

NCA Consulting (Joomla version)